Finally Someone Willing To Pay Bribes!

Well here’s something new worth noting: (aff link)
(collection of marketing and persuasion ideas, articles and blog posts)

Every week, we pay “bribes” and give “rewards” to our readers for posting links to the best marketing and persuasion articles and blog posts they’ve read.

And they submit a lot of links every week. Some are superb. Some are lousy.

The lousy ones are deleted. Superb ones are kept.

Simple, isn’t it?

Registration is free, but here’s the bonus:

When you refer someone to marketinglinx and they post a winning link, you’ll receive the same reward as they do!

If then win $30 cash, you’ll win $30 too!

If they win a best selling new book, you’ll win a copy of that same book too!

The best part is, anyone can join the affiliate program. And that too for free. All you need to do is signup to become a member.

The affiliate setup is definitely a fun one, but I think the most appealing part of the site is a centralized location to spot check for the ‘best of the best’ marketing information found around the net.

I find it’s a problem to find blogs with unique, informative content. Too many are just pointing to what everyone else is pointing to – other blog or forum posts, articles, etc., and not original brain snapping content.

Yes – I know I’m guilty of that too :lol:. But I’m a-tryin by keep most of that “Blog Repeat Problem” stuff mainly contained in the weekly summary posts. And if I cheat and post about a blog entry or forum post, whatever, I make myself go build links and directory submissions for awhile as punishment. :lol:. Basically – I do try to avoid doing that as much as possible.

I’m looking forward to seeing what MarketingLinx can put together. Fun concept at the very least!

And Bonus!: (aff link) members receive special free goodies from time to time! All these free goodies are very valuable and contain marketing tid bits that can help you make more money!

They had me at “Freebies” đŸ˜‰


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

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  1. That’s exactly how I learned about SEO. I’d been online for several years, and I didn’t understand the whole “get traffic to your website” idea. I thought if you submitted to various directories and shared a few reciprocal links – it would be all good. Never knew how to get my site up in the search engines… nada. Then I started working for an SEO company – and then the “light” went on, so to speak… and I’ve not looked back since – always looking for the latest resources and techniques to bring the sites I own up in the search engines…. SEO – everyone needs to know about it, if you’re starting out on the Internet.

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