Sending Traffic To Merchants With Leakage

Great discussion about working with merchants that have toll free numbers plastered everywhere – Losing Affiliate Commissions to Merchant’s Phone Number. This is pretty timely for me because I noticed recently that *every* merchant but one that I have on a niche website has toll free numbers front and center.

This website is relatively new (about 6 months-ish) and I normally watch for stuff like this. How did I miss that? I’m talking 7 different merchants. The product is what I consider a higher end product (mainly items that are from several hundred to more than a thousand dollars per).

*Throw My Hands Up In The Air*

Wasn’t pleased and wondered if the phone numbers were a new addition and started the hunt for different merchants to try. But the thread above points out that having a toll free number is reassuring to many customers, I have to agree with that. Maybe the toll free number encourages sales that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. So the commissions lost to phone sales would even out (hopefully) with the commissions earned on sales that wouldn’t have happened without that number.


I’ll be watching. Currently my sales aren’t the greatest *at all*, but the traffic atm is too low to give me a fair idea. Also it’s a new territory for me and maybe I can’t expect a great online conversion rate for this product. More than one factor at play here.


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