The Bookmark Lady Is Back

My bookmarks were getting out of control again so it was clean up time! Here are a few I thought you might be interested in. I also updated the SuperAff bookmark pages:

Bookmark Tools
Article Submissions

There were a few dead links in there and added some new things. I also removed a few forums that required you to be a member to read or if the forum wasn’t updated or all that active.

The Articles bookmarks were really torn apart and several removed, several added. I’m really interested in blogs that accept article submissions, if you know of any – I’d appreciate a note here or you can use the Contact Form.

IM4Newbies Internet Marketing
Online Discussion Forum Directory

The Gender Genie

Inspired by an article in The New York Times Magazine, the Gender Genie uses a simplified version of an algorithm developed by Moshe Koppel, Bar-Ilan University in Israel, and Shlomo Argamon, Illinois Institute of Technology, to predict the gender of an author.

Marketing & advertising blogs

The Art and Science of Web Design turns 5
*Free copy of the ebook – a bit dated, but a good resource

Banners Mall
*Haven’t used them, but seem to have good prices

Host Tracker
*Free host monitoring for downtime

RSS Workshop

Web Color Schemes

Easy Password Access Script

If it is the correct password, JavaScript will redirect the browser to the protected web page. If it’s an incorrect password, the browser redirects the browser to a different location, possibly a 404.

Things you can do with RSS

Search for Creative Commons audio, images, text, video, and other formats that are free to share online.

Hope you liked them.


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