Kickin Back For Some BBQ Today

I – Am – Canadian!

Celebrate Canada
Today is Canada Day and I don’t plan on doing anything too productive online. I just want to hang out in the yard, sizzle up some bbq and enjoy a nice, lazy day.

Maybe I can do something about this casper ghost white skin tone I have. You know – get a bit of a tan! :lol:! The mosquitoes here though are *terrible* this year. Think the ‘Swarm’ and big and hungry!

Totally off topic blog entry, I know. I love Canada and being Canadian. I’d like to do something different today and share a few of my ‘Favorite Canadian Places’. Since I really don’t venture much out east, most of these are western Canada.

If you love nature and the outdoors, you’ll fall head over heels for many of these. In no particular order:

Salmon Arm
Enchanted Forest – Revelstoke
Lake Louise
Lac La Ronge
Churchill River
Niagra Falls
*I’ve been 3 places down east – Niagra Falls was one of them đŸ˜†

And to wrap up, here’s a website with photos of the Canadian flag around the world:

Showing the flag, a Canadian Photo Album

I’ll be back later today to post the weekly roundup of news and links that caught my eye the past few days.


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