SERPs Gloomy Doom

Anyone else feeling organic search engine traffic doom and gloom lately?

We discovered recently that Google hand plucks affiliate sites right out of its hair: Google’s Spam Recognition Guide and now there’s word you can blast a competitor right outta Yahoo’s SERPs by filing a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) complaint :Using DMCA to Nuke Competition in Yahoo!

I mean if a girl can’t count on Yahoo!, who can she count on? I’m serious. Google is too domineering and Mr. Bossy for this girl. I much prefer Yahoo’s more considerate manner.

The ‘Thin Affiliate’ struck home with me because I have, ahem, a few websites that would definitely be spam (according to Big Bad Goog) because they’re mainly filled – straightup to the top – with affiliate products.

Sure I hand build the pages, choose the items and sure I use a variety of merchants on a site and yup *I* think I’m doing a great thing for my visitors since they can find and browse several merchants and items from one website (rather than sift through goog’s 1 billion page catastrophic mess), but it doesn’t matter what *I* think or what my shoppers/visitors/bookmark traffic thinks.

Big Bad Goog’s opinion is what matters.

But pffft I don’t get too worked up about goog, I don’t get much action from Mr. Bossy anyhow. But I am *seriously arched eyebrows* concerned about this DMCA thing and Yahoo!.

Sigh. Reason #99 to never trust a search engine to remain faithful to ya.


Now is a *very good time* to stop building datafeed driven merchant mirrored, domain cloaked affiliate sites and dust off that musty old affiliate ebook that proclaimed: Content Is King

Seems we have a choice: we all race to build shopping comparison sites, coupons/bargains/deals forums, visitor review features, or we settle down and start generating some fresh, original content that will knock them all out of our way.


I wonder how Goog is gonna determine which affiliate sites to hand pluck from all the shopping comparison sites, coupons/bargains/deals forums, visitor review sites that are going to spring up and breed faster than rabbits? đŸ˜†


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