Another Week Gone – Here’s The Big List June 17th

Linking Matters Newsletter: Hidden Links on The Financial Times Website (

Using ‘hidden links’ is one of the oldest methods of search engine spam so you wouldn’t expect to see them on a respected news site like the Financial times online Busted for Having Hidden links
*Good read

Why Reciprocal Linking Sucks – Part XVII

People would rather be lazy and work to hurt competitors instead of trying to build up their own sites. Short sighted. Sad really.

Using Canonical Domains to Sabotage Competitors in Google

If your site is not protected someone could;
Find some places to drop some links for you. This evil person could drop some links using the non-www URL (or if the site is set up for non-www linking link to the www page).

Yahoo advertisers get longer descriptions with YPN ads

Yahoo Publisher Network ads feature an extra perk for advertisers than Google AdSense does not offer. Advertisers will see their ads on content sites with extra long descriptions, which appear when the mouse is rolled over the ad within the YPN ad unit.

P&G Cutting TV Ad Spend

Consumer products titan Procter & Gamble will be shutting the dampers on its commercials for Pampers.

The well-known CPG firm recently announced its decision to dramatically scale back spending on television commercials for a number of its brands during meetings for the Fall season.

The DOMZ Is Dead But Not Buried, Yet!

The DMOZ has been a complete and utter farce for quite a while now. Human volunteers who police the index have been accused of being lazy, corrupt, or just plain stupid. The rules and regulations surrounding getting listed have become so convoluted and (IMO) utterly ridiculous that we might as well bury this old beast and call it a day. Still, let’s have a closer look at how to actually save the DMOZ, the web’s directory.

Thread about Gaining Good Links to Offset the Effects of Bad Links

Have you ever had a strong ranking site filtered out of the results because automated links gave you an unnatural linkage profile? Sounds like something that wouldn’t happen, but in Google’s results just about anything can happen. Even canonical URLs can be a big problem.

Search Marketing Isn’t Just Math & Machines

The Mathematics of Search & the Need for Creativity

Some people say you need to work at Google if you are in search. Like Danny, I totally disagree with that statement. All you really need to know, is what Google wants.’s Third Annual Visual Trends Report

Good List of Adsense Alternatives

How To Handle Yourself If Your Website Has Been Stolen From Right Under Your Nose!
*pdf file

You are about to read an interesting story of how I handled a situation where a person had blatantly copied my entire site, and was planning to make money with my business model. She infringed on too many copyrights to list here.

The Truth About Affiliate Cookies

Did you know most merchants wipe out your affiliate cookie when they send their newsletters?

Cookie washing and the threat to affiliate income

Forum Links Useless? – Examining Link Spam Techniques Mentioned in Google Patent

So what is the difference between a link from a guestbook and a link from a forum? The answer is that guestbook links are non-moderated and without editorial discretion and links from a forum are moderated and do have editorial discretion. People are examining over at SEOchat the usefulness of several linking methods mentioned in the Google Patent document.

The Open Rank Project Part II

Due to the positive response in regards to an A Blueprint for Open Rank, I decided to grab and toss up some community software for those that may be interested in helping out with such a project.

AdWords Site Targeting Goes Live

After a beta test period proved successful, all Google AdWords advertisers can now access a “site targeting” feature for content-targeted ads, so they can control what partner sites their ads appear on. Placement will be auction-based, with CPM rates starting at $2.

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