Linkshare Just Added To My Stash

I can’t believe it.

I received two checks from Linkshare this past month or so, about $40 bucks worth. Some good Tim Horton’s mad money :lol:.

These commissions go back the past year and half or so and I wasn’t counting on receiving any of it. Not because I thought Linkshare was crooked and wouldn’t pay what they owed, but because at that time you had to meet each merchant’s minimum payment threshold before receiving your commissions.

I tried them a bit, wasn’t converting jack so I moved on and left the links up mainly as some filler. Five links, very *very* limited exposure on one or two of my websites. Definitely not in prime time, ya know? Made it real easy to put on my boots and walk since the commissions were not consolidated and no luck with sales.

Out of *nowhere* I had a $25 (approx) commission jump in April. That one month alone outdid all the previous year. Then nothing much again. Wonder what was so special about April.

With commissions consolidated now, I am kinda/sorta thinking I may try Linkshare again. We’ll see. I’m waiting things out right now since they are in the midst of change. I also want to watch and see if people are experiencing better conversions and if the parasite/adware crap is getting cleaned out.

No use building around yet another network just to feed some parasite affiliate pig. Too many other great options. đŸ˜‰


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