Sneezers Will Rule The World

Have you read the latest TrendWatching article yet?

What I want to know is:

How on earth did they discover my super secret, exclusive website club: !

an invitation-only online community designed for jet-setters who in many cases already have strong connections with one another.

Next question:

How to set myself up as a powerful Twinsumer. I love that label – Twinsumer. These guys will have more influence than celebrities!

I found the article very interesting. If you currently run a review or opinion site, what about adding public profiles for your reviewers to share?

Increasingly, review/opinion/recommendation websites are encouraging their reviewers to add personal profiles, allowing real TWINSUMERISM to blossom. Think everything from someone’s age, appearance, occupation, favorite websites, hobbies, interests, musical taste, to entire biographies. Anything that will give other consumers a better feel for how compatible they are with the reviewer, either on a certain topic or in their entire lifestyle.

Maybe now is a good time to get that established.

btw – In case you didn’t catch that – I was just joking about the jet-setter’s website being mine. đŸ˜†


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