Yahoo Auctions Cost Zip Zero Nada

Yahoo Auctions

Yahoo! Auctions has changed its pricing to create a model that is free for all consumers listing items on our Auctions platform.

Many users have been asking for this type of structure, and we are happy to provide it as a way to strengthen our partnership with the seller community and clearly demonstrate our commitment to our sellers’ success. The new pricing model will go into effect Monday, June 6, 2005.

I can’t remember that far back, but wasn’t Yahoo Auctions initially free to list? Or maybe it was a nickle or something. I remember a big outcry all those years ago when they changed their pricing structure. Now it looks like they have zeroed out everything – including FVF:

Revenews reports that Yahoo’s revenue will be generated by its paid search listings:

Until now, Yahoo’s listing fees have ranged from 5-75 cents, with a 2% final value feed. Yahoo said it will generate revenue from its U.S. auctions by through its paid search listings.

I haven’t visited Yahoo Auctions in eons, so I quickly popped over and saw how their paid search listings are displayed. It’s quite a fine setup for ppc advertisers, check out this example:

Yahoo Auction Results Example

You have sponsor results on top, right sidebar and below the auction results. hmmm if the auction sellers grab hold of this and run with it, and if the auction buyers follow the sellers and flock to this (read high traffic), and the ppc search listings are imping at high speed – bingo! Serious traffic option for our sites, albeit ppc. Go Yahoo!

Thanks to Revenews for the heads up.


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