This Week’s Summary – Ending June 3rd

Here are the links on various forums and blogs that caught my eye this past week:

Joe Jobbed Lawyer Sues Spammers

It is not correct, it’s hurt my EPC

Affiliates – How do you like ShareASale?

Why Martell’s been banned by google
*I have no opinion to share regarding Martell’s banning and I’m not trying to ‘gossip’, but there’s actually some good discussion in here about site building

Adsense vs. Affiliate Programs
*Great discussion questioning the role adsense may play in declining affiliate commissions. If an aff product converts well, keep adsense away from it. If aff products aren’t converting, plop in adsense. You could even try testing aff product spotlight one month to earn by sale, and adsense spotlight the next month to earn by click. Whatever brings in the most $ wins. That’s my two cents simplified. πŸ˜† This reminds me I have some ‘shopping’ type sites that *really* need to be polished up. blah.

I think Google has the easier job making its publishers happy (just keep the $ per click good). Affiliate merchants/managers have a more complicated job – fighting off parasites, cookie deletion issues, network issues, ensuring their site converts, whatever, so that their affiliates are earning enough to stay.

Secret Adsense Code, Available for the Few

Ok, so it appears that for some publishers, there are secret tags one can add to adsense code, some of which have been around for a long time according Jenstar at SEW.

GoogleGuy’s Comment about Affiliate Sites

Googles Plans for Adsense Spam Sites

So Who is Lobbying and With How Many $$$?

Questions for GoogleGuy

Rules of this thread:

1- ask one question
2- be brief.
3- no commenting on other posts.
4- no specifics please
5- violators will go posting off πŸ˜‰
6- 1 q – 1 q only.
7- thread will be scrubbed of junk/offtopic/etc

After we get 10-20 q’s we will submit them to the plex…

ValueClick Targets Adware & Arbitrage Affiliates

Forum/Signature Links

Do forum links carry link popularity? Do they get spidered and indexed by the search engines? Does their anchor text get counted?

Google Launches Google Sitemaps

Google Rolls Out Standardized Sitemap Protocol

None ‘biz’ related:
This is a blog to watch: Gallery of the Absurd Gossip Fueled Art – Updated Weekly

fourteen (14) has been an artist and a keen observer of the human species for centuries. Her irreverent underground art in the form of hand numbered and signed posters has been seen and collected throughout the West Coast for years and yet she has remained gleefully outside the radar of commercial success. She lives in the belly of the beast: Los Angeles.

I’m luvin it!

That’s it for this week, let’s see what kinda damage rears next Friday. πŸ˜†


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