Submit Your Links Free!

I’m calling out an SOS!


I changed one of my shopping directories to an all-inclusive directory:

It’s BARE BARE BARE! It never really took off as a shopping directory, so I scrapped that and decided to build a monster instead :lol:. will stay as shopping, it has done a lot better as a shopping directory than fabaroo.

If you submitted to fabaroo before the change, you should still see your link there. I do have a few more to add, so if you don’t see your listing -you can just submit again if you like.

I need your help filling this up, please send me as much as you want – usual submission guidelines are in place.

And of course – submissions are free, so load up.

I also switched directory scripts, this is a new one for me. So far so good, it was a lot of fiddling around to customize, but I do really like it so far.

Also if there’s a category you’d like to see added, just request it here (link is also at the top of the directory’s page) and if it fits with what I have in mind, I’ll add it.

Please, I’m begging ya – storm me with good links! ๐Ÿ˜†


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