Cloaking Affiliate Links – A Quick Tip

Hiding affiliate links – a tip for newbies:

Many times I’ll upload a script program like PHP click counter to mask my affiliate links, but sometimes I only have a few affiliate links on a website. Call me crazy :lol:. In those cases I don’t want to bother installing a script program.

Here’s the most quickest, painless method I’ve found yet to masking affiliate links without installing folders or script programs, etc.:

Add this to your .htaccess file:

Redirect 301 /namefile

Of course you change to your full affiliate link đŸ˜†

/namefile can be whatever you like. Now whenever you link to your affiliate product, use your-domain-name. net/namefile, and your visitors will be swept away to once they click that link. The visitor won’t see your affiliate link on your page at all, they’ll just see your-domain-name .net/namefile.


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  1. This sounds just the ticket for my own website. Another thing I need and I have seen it done on other websites. The affiliate link is a link to a website that immediately redirects the visitor to the affiliate site. Now i would like to learn how that is done.

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