Commission Junction Clamping Down?

Just found this in my inbox:

The ability for advertisers, publishers and Commission Junction to understand each others’ activity is an important aspect of the CJ Marketplace. We openly display information within the CJ Account Manager(TM) – EPC, Network Earnings Ratings and program descriptions – so that you can make informed decisions about which affiliations and traffic-driving methods are best suited to your program.

In order to sustain this open marketplace of information, Commission Junction will no longer allow special programs engaged in the purchase of
media from ad services that download and install software on an end-user’s computer. For special programs currently engaged in such practices,
Commission Junction requests that you immediately discontinue such practices. We will continue to monitor such programs to insure that special
descriptions are properly updated.

As described in the Commission Junction Publisher Service Agreement (PSA), publishers who distribute ads using third-party services and/or place links
on Web sites, not owned or operated by the publisher, must be disclosed as a special program. Special programs require both Commission Junction
and advertiser approval, and Commission Junction reserves the right to reject a special program at any time.

Thank you for your cooperation with this policy. We believe it facilitates the trust and openness that you have come to expect from Commission
Junction. If you have any questions in regards to special programs or whether or not your partnership with a specific ad service is allowed under this policy, please contact client services by using the “Ask a Question” feature in your CJ
Account Manager.


Terance Kinsky
Director Network Quality
Commission Junction, a ValueClick company

Ummm I’m not sure I caught the gist of all that. I *think* CJ is saying: you can no longer buy advertising in crapware. But crapware is still allowed. đŸ˜†

I dunno. But it’s good to see some shaking going on. I do think Spitzer yelled BOO! in the right direction and the networks are maybe, kinda-sorta taking this parasite stuff seriously now.


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  1. I got the same impression when I received the email. Whether they’re really doing anything or not, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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