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I’ve really had my nose to the grind the past few days, and hopefully the next few as well. I’m getting things done and it feels great!

Cleaned up my bookmarks again and here are a few I found – maybe you’re interested:

Free SEM training + software

The Competent Search Engine Marketer course is ideal for site owners, webmasters and consultants who want to get a grip on search engine marketing and optimization.

As a part of ongoing introductory campaign this course (5 stages, 19 lessons, 5 demos, 5 assessments, and a CSEM certificate for successful students) is offered for free when you download and register the free version of the Web CEO search engine optimization and conversion rate improvement toolkit.

Practical PHP Programming

Welcome to the home of the online book, “Practical PHP Programming”. The latest copy of the book will always be kept here.

Google Watch

A look at Google’s monopoly, algorithms, and privacy policies

Affiliate Fair Play

A Road Map for Fair Practices in Affiliate Marketing

RSS Submission Sites

Shitty AdSense Scraper Sites

Below is a list of sites which have no useful content but are running AdSense. My sole impetus is to document these as I come across them.

*I’m surprised that’s all he has listed đŸ˜†

Clickthrough Rate Validity Checker

Use this tool to quickly learn if you can eliminate one of your Google Adwords creatives. Through the magic of statistics and relevance theory, it allows you to determine whether or not you have enough campaign history to eliminate a lower performing ad.

Hope you found something of interest.


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