My Beef With Google’s Displayed PR

I popped into a thread over at WPW Toolbar broke…Do you Link? and my resentment boiled again towards the Green Dictator displayed as PR in Google’s Toolbar.

That green holds so much power over the web, too much power in my opinion. It determines who gets linked to, who doesn’t and how many links are presented to the surfer.

Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to the PR updates. Why? Because until I can have some green speckles displayed on new websites, I can’t get many one-ways in, or directory submissions accepted, or link exchanges in. Too many webmasters are beyond anal about linking to something with a 0 in the toolbar – white bar btw, not grey bar. Even if you have a 1 or 2, it’s tough.

*It Bugs Me That We’ve Given Google’s PR That Much Power*

I hate to admit it, but I too let Google dictate somewhat my link exchange choices because I don’t do a lot of them and they need to be good. If a website is very targeted though (and not a dud adsense cheese site), I don’t care about PR – unless of course it’s grey barred. Sigh.

I think back to the 90s when I was happy being a surfer, cruising around the web, checking out all the fabulous information at my fingertips. I remember running to pages listed on websites as ‘resources’ or ‘more sites’ or ‘links’. These pages were absolute gold mines. All kinds of neat websites could be found, always targeted to the subject of the site I was on.

Those resource pages are loooooong gone now. Replaced with maybe a link exchange page that 9/10 times is some lame, untargeted directory of junk or nothing of interest.

I hold Google responsible for this. Before webmasters didn’t have to worry about PR leakage. Many site owners were happy to link out to other places of interest, it made their websites a very rich and full resource. Maybe they didn’t link to the competition, but definitely sites that fit into their subject area. And boy did the surfers every benefit and thrive on that.

Webmasters didn’t have to worry about linking to ‘bad neighborhoods’ or ‘penalized sites’. Or worry about their link out boosting another’s website in the SERPs. Nowadays too many webmasters only link out if:

1. They can do it in a way that won’t leak PR
2. The other website has some sort of PR
3. A link exchange is involved

You just don’t see those big, clumsy, link filled gold mine, basic html pages out there anymore. And I know this sounds corny, but that’s why my bookmark pages are the way they are. Simple pages full of links in plain html. It’s my nod to good memories of what the ‘good old days’ gave me.

Damn PR. As a surfer I really miss those gold mines.

And now I’m going to do something oh so dangerous, I’m going to link to two very old bookmarks of mine that have more than 100 links on the page!

Green Dictator Rant

Free Graphics

Backgrounds And Textures

And keyword rich anchor text too!!! đŸ˜ˆ

To the webmasters of the pages above – thanks for sharing those resources and flipping the bird to the Green Dictator.


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