Don’t You Just Love Learning New Stuff?

In this issue I’m going to talk about two big concerns I have regarding RSS tools for automatic content updates on web pages and show you an advanced option for updating your web pages automatically with search engine friendly content.

I´ll also show you a way to save more of your valuable time and where you can find thousands of people begging to work for you at affordable prices.

These are the topics:

1) How to lower the penalty risk for using RSS tools

2) How to automatically update your web pages with search engine friendly and money making content !

3) An introduction to outsourcing.

That’s a blurb from the latest The Jungle Marketer newsletter. I’ve mentioned this one before, but here it is again. Why? Because I’m *just like you*. I’m hungry for information, for new ideas, for guidance, *without the bloody hurricane of sales pitches*.

I think that this newsletter is in my top ten for providing solid info. My only beef is that it’s too infrequent – I want more! 😆

Sign up for this newsletter, it’s free, he doesn’t storm you with emails (maybe once a month or every other month) and he does definitely deliver.

TheJungleMarketer´s internet marketing ezine

Check out his About Me page, he has a wonderful story.


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

2 thoughts to “Don’t You Just Love Learning New Stuff?”

  1. I’m reading the latest email and there is a free carp video tutorial he’s taking down after a couple days, glad to have it. What an awesome find, thanks alot for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the head’s up – just grabbed it now, 24 MB zip file *wow*! 😆

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