Would You Like Me To Link To You?

I think it’s pretty obvious I’m not a link pig. You’ll notice that I’m always linking to cool tools, great articles, freebies, resources, you name it. My bookmark pages are *loaded* with resources that I link to. Heck if I read a newsflash on your site first, I even link to you as a hat tip instead of pretending that I found the news over on ClickZ or Techdirt, etc., all by my fabulous self! πŸ˜†

You don’t have to be my friend, I’m not here to promote business associates or some exclusive inner circle, if you have something I like or I think is worth noting – you’ll get a link from me. Why? Because that’s what this blog is all about. Sharing information, news, tips, tools, all the good stuff – no holds barred.

Um ok. So what am I blabbering about?

I’m picking through my traffic logs and I’m noticing the bitty referrer spam hits are really starting to pile up over time. And I’m not talking about the p-p-c stuff either (porn pills casino – although I get lots of that too). I’m talking the one or two ‘hits’ that show up from various domains. They vary from SEO and marketing type blogs, SEO tools, marketing tools, affiliate programs, other blogs, stuff that I’m normally interested in. Since I think it’s someone that’s pointed a link my way, I go check it out. Guess what? No link. These guys are referrer spamming me. Since it’s only one or two hits, I’m assuming it’s to get my attention so I’ll blog about their great site or tool.

Guess what? It doesn’t work with me. I won’t link to people that spam me. Here’s an idea: if you want my attention, if you think your blog or tool is just the ticket SuperAff visitors would be interested in or need, try linking to me. It just might work! Or hold on to your hat and let me find you on my own. Like I said above, I’m not afraid to link to great stuff and a backscratch isn’t a prerequisite here.

Having said that, here’s a great article by stuntdubl, or ooops, maybe I should re-word that to Spread the Link Love – How to Link to Your Friends πŸ˜† just havin fun. But something has happened to stuntdubl, have you noticed too? That blog is *rocking* lately. I think Seth Godin did something to him. πŸ˜† I’ve linked to his blog a few times – don’t know the guy – but he offers a lot and he’s even popped in here a time or two. Stuntdubl is a perfect example of how to get me to link to you again and again without doing a dirty referrer spam.

Have a good one!


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3 thoughts to “Would You Like Me To Link To You?”

  1. Haha…glad I could be a good example. I’ve really found some great resources like your site that I was very happy to find after they linked to me (just another reason to write some decent content).

    Glad ya like the site, looks like you’ve been workin’ pretty hard on yours as well. If you’ll be in N’awleans, I’d be happy to catch up with you so you can say next time that ya met me. I even got a couple discount coupons if you need some gentle persuasion on a attending the show (good write-off vacation too;)

  2. Todd I hope I don’t embarrass you :lol:, but here again is why you’re such a good example. You pop into a blog and post a reply to an entry that links to you or post comments in general. You just make it real easy (between good content and personality) to follow your blog and link a storm to you.

    It would be *great* to hit the New Orleans show and a chance to meet up with you (at a discount too! :lol:), so I could say “hey I know stuntdubl” rather than “I don’t know the guy” :lol:, but my finances are tied up in this hopeful new purchase: Howard Stern’s Limo on eBay πŸ˜‰ j/k – I just can’t manage the time. Thanks for the offer though and enjoy yourself – I’ll be watching your blog to see what you have to say about the conference.

    FYI to anyone interested in going to the WMW conference, Todd does have an open offer on his blog for discount coupons:

    Webmaster World Conference Coupons

  3. Thanks again Terry…the feeling is mutual. I definitely think the web in general, and more specifically the “internet marketing blogosphere” is really a get what you give back kind of place.

    Shame ya can’t make the show…if you haven’t been to one, they are DEFINITELY worth your time…I’m a little bias to the WMW shows, but SES are fun too…there’s always SAN JOSE (or even DG’s get together in the hills of Tennessee).

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