Marketing Sherpa’s Readers Choice Blog Awards

I just received notice that this blog has been nominated for the MarketingSherpa’s 2nd Annual Reader’s Choice Blog Awards. When I say I’m *shocked* to be listed, that’s an understatement! πŸ˜† What a nice perk to my day, I do appreciate this.

Take a look at the blogs in the various categories, you’re going to find some excellent resources to add to your feed readers. This blog Affiliate Marketing Gab is listed in the online marketing category. I don’t have the blog following that some of these heavy hitters have, so I don’t expect to win at all. But what a treat to be included!

Voting ends Wednesday, June 8th.


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

2 thoughts to “Marketing Sherpa’s Readers Choice Blog Awards”

  1. Hiya I found your weblog from the marketing sherpa awards survey and where have you been hiding! You have the best blog on affiliate marketing that I have found. Good work and where is your tip jar? I have found so many things here that I will use, thank you. I voted for you and this weblog will be on my daily read list now.

  2. :blush: Thanks MPeters! I haven’t been hiding at all – πŸ˜† – I just haven’t shaken my butt to promote the blog much. I think a siggy on WebProWorld and two or three spins on the traffic exchanges. Pathetic effort I know, but I’m growing every month.

    I don’t have a tip jar and no plans to put one up, I’m really glad you found some stuff useful.

    Thanks for the vote πŸ™‚ and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy Affiliate Marketing Gab. You know I may not win the coffee mug (hey I seriously would love that mug! :lol:), but I’ve been bookmarked *a lot* from the traffic coming from the readers choice list (approx 40%). That’s a prize and a vote in itself.

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