May’s Pick – Book Of The Month

May has been one roller coaster ride for me in both personal and professional ways. My commitment to reading serious, good quality books about the ‘biz’ hasn’t lost its fire though. I’ve picked up a few books, read a few pages, but locked into this month’s choice:

Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples

This is one serious book about copywriting and advertising. I can see that it’s a book I’m going to have to read more than once. It’s that rich and meaty.

John Caples teaches about the importance of testing ads and using what’s proven to be a winner over and over again. He was the copywriter who wrote the classic advertisement “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano But When I Started To Play! ~” in 1925. Believe it or not – he was a newbie copywriter at the time (trained as an engineer!), and the ad rocked the advertising world. You can see the ad and a review here:

This man spent a lifetime studying and testing advertising methods, he was fascinated with drilling down to what works and why. And he spills the beans in this book. A few chapters focus on the power and importance of the headline. If your headline doesn’t reach out and grab the reader, your copy simply won’t be read – no matter how great or creative or fabulous the copy is. Think about how true that is.

Lots of examples of advertisements that work – and even some that don’t. And why. When we consider that we have what – 3 seconds? – before our visitors decide to hit the back button on their browsers, we have to pay serious attention to our web copy.

This book is a treat and you’ll be referring to it more than once. Consider it as a reference book rather than a casual read. And bonus – it’s a bargain at only $15.95! You can pick it up at Amazon or check out eBay, there may be a used copy or two. I’m sure you’ll both enjoy and learn from it.


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