A Quick Note

Wow – shortly after my last post noting that it was Friday the 13th (I hadn’t noticed), we had a sudden death in our family. We’re still reeling from the aftermath, but I wanted to post a quick note to say this blog will be MIA until next week sometime.

All this ‘online stuff’ hasn’t even been looked at this week, but I did have some things to think about. If you died suddenly or became quite ill, would your family be prepared and know what to do with your online financial accounts and your affiliate earnings? Would they know where to look to either sell or renew your domains? Are there online partners that should be contacted? Would they be able to find your hosting account passwords and know what all your email accounts were?

I like to think of my websites as ‘real estate’ or ‘property’. They may not be worth much, but they’re mine. My husband really isn’t online literate and doesn’t have much interest in my online empire :lol:. Would he know what PayPal was and why there’s a monthly charge to our credit card (hosting fees)? Would he know how to access the account to close it or deposit the balance?

When someone dies or becomes very ill, there is so much to take care of for real life stuff, never mind overwhelming family with ‘why are all these U.S. checks coming in the mail and what do I do with them?’ or ‘what are these charges for PayPal’ and ‘what are all these emails from godaddy about expiring domains?’

I’m still not too clear how to go about this, but I’m thinking of preparing an ‘online package’ of information containing all my websites, passwords, affiliate accounts, etc., that my husband can hand over to a friend or family member to close accounts and sell off or maintain domains – or keep them, whatever. But something concrete that he can have on hand so he’ll know what’s going on and what needs to be taken care of.

What about you? Do you have a master plan in place ‘just in case’?


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