What Caught My Eye This Week? Ending May 13th

Google (NOT) Hacked? Just A DNS Glitch says Google

Google Says DNS Issues Caused Outage

The Google Web Accelerator S#@! Storm

*has a nice summary and good references listed for the Web Accelerator scandal. Yup – I do think Goog owns us now. 😆

The Powerful Marketing Habit of 5s

I started doing this marketing activity years ago and it never ceases to amaze me how effective this simple strategy is.

Each Monday morning identify 5 marketing actions and book em like appointments. Then, dont go home on Friday until they are done.

Stop Me Before I Blog About the Apprentice Again

The moment has passed, I know. Whatever stench of cultural relevance the Apprentice–and by extension, The Donald–may have once had has long since dissipated. And yet, I’m powerless to turn away from this prime-time train wreck.

*Couldn’t help myself – I found someone else who’s drawn to the train wreck too! 😆 Truly though, Kendra did a great job – but had nowhere near the challenge that Tana did. I’m yelling *fixed*.

Why Friday the 13th Is Unlucky

Who else didn’t realize Jason was loose today? Friday the 13th, yikes!

mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet

The mod_rewrite cheat sheet is designed to act as a reminder and reference sheet, listing useful information about mod_rewrite. It includes a list of flags for the RewriteRule and RewriteCond directives, list of server variables, a regular expression guide and several examples of common rules.

Koders Source Code Engine

Koders.com is the leading search engine for open source code. Our source code optimized search engine provides developers with an easy-to-use interface to search for source code examples and discover new open source projects which can be leveraged in their applications.

Syndic8 on the hot seat for gaming search engines

Google Makes An Acquisition: Dodgeball.com

What the F? Eyetrack Studies Prove the Power of Organic Rankings

Yes, I’m a bit late on the commentary on this one, but after seeing it first hand I thought it was still very worthwhile. These studies are pretty cool, and offer insight and validation on working search marketing theories.

Google’s Dodgeball (et al) Strategy

*I’m sayin it again – Too Late! Goog owns us 😆

Revenge by click fraud – what to do?

Notify Google of Click Fraud or Not?

Reason #99 Why I don’t want to be dependent on goog.

Cracking the Google Code…
Under the GoogleScope

Google’s sweeping changes confirm the search giant has launched a full out assault against artificial link inflation and declared war against search engine spam in a continuing effort to provide the best search service in the world… and if you thought you cracked the Google Code and had Google all figured out – guess again.

Google Snubs Publishers

Google today shipped the gold master of its new Internet Explorer toolbar, complete with the oft-criticized autolink feature. eWeek has more including a soundbite from me. While the company made some changes to the Toolbar to give users options, Google still snubbed publishers.

Google Content Blocker


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