Advertisers Are Not Immune From Spitzer Investigation

In my blog post yesterday Who’s In Bed With Adware?, I was tempted to start writing about the actual advertisers who pay to use this crap, the people involved and whether they’d be held liable as well (hey they’re bankrolling this). Voila, a new article:

Will Spyware Be Spitzer’s Next Big Thing?

And don’t expect Spitzer to focus only on companies that make and distribute spyware, Dreifach said.

“The companies with which they deal and companies that fund them realize that this is an illegitimate activity from which they want to distance themselves,” he said. “No one should infer … that actual advertisers that drive this activity are immune. They are not.”

I really think this is starting to cook and get interesting. Hopefully Spitzer stays committed and fights this one through to the end.

Found this over at ABestWeb


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