Stuff I Found This Week – Ending May 6th

Here is this week’s list of articles and blog entries [oh and scandal too] that I gathered throughout the week. I’m trying to cut back on all the daily duplicate blog articles problem (reading the same stuff over and over again on various blogs) and trying to limit my ‘pointing’ to just weekly now. Some good stuff here, and you may not have seen a thing or two yet:

Someone’s always got to be the party pooper:

Lawsuit Says GPL is a Price-Fixing Scheme

Yes, it’s real. The crack team of Daniel Wallace and Maureen O’Gara have ganged up once again to protect thier version of “The American Dream”, he by filing a lawsuit in Indiana court saying the GPL is nothing more than a price fixing scheme, designed to drive software vendors out of business, and she by parroting the proprietary vendors “The GPL kills buisness” mantra (as well as a few well placed insults at the free software community)…”

U.S. online marketing forecast: $26 billion by 2010

MSN Search Annotated Links

Subscribers to know that I recently wrote a comprehensive guide to optimizing your site for MSN search.

In addition to optimizing a few of my own sites and crunching a lot of numbers, I also tried to read just about everything I could find on the subject. Compiled here are the resources I found, in annotated link form. I’ve tried to include the publication date, where possible.

Users don’t care if you are the best

Your users don’t care about how fabulous you are. How fast your product is. How many awards you’ve won.

If we want to inspire our users, we have to care about how fabulous they are. How fast they are. How many awards they might win as a result of using our products or services.

How Involved Is Yahoo In The Adware Business?

Following, Eliot Spitzer’s decision to sue Intermix, there are rumors that he may be investigating the relationship with Yahoo, noting that 10% of Intermix’s revenue appears to come from Yahoo. This is leading Yahoo and some analysts to start punching back by claiming that Yahoo really isn’t all that involved with adware companies. This is a really odd defense. Basically, they admit that they are making money from surreptitiously installed programs, but since it’s not that significant an amount, it’s okay.

Sites That do not Pass on PR

Filtered, Anonymous Proxy List Tool

Hybrid CSS Dropdowns

I know what you’re thinking…“Do we really need another article about CSS dropdowns?â€? Allow me to convince you. What if we could have one clean, well-structured menu which would combine the dynamism and code-ease of dropdown menus and do away with their main problems (not to mention degrade beautifully)?

You are in the right business

READ IT! It will give you more validation that you are in the right business for the next 10 years if you are focusing on the internet, especially in advertising and reaching consumers and businesses around the world.

Spyware Hot

Spying on the spyware makers

What was the most interesting thing you’ve discovered?

Edelman: There’s just a huge amount of money changing hands here. The biggest, richest American companies are buying advertising through spyware. The biggest, richest venture capital firms are investing in those who make this kind of unwanted software. That’s names like American Express, Sprint PCS, Disney, Expedia, Guy Kawasaki’s firm.

CJ Says Downloads at 5% of Revenue

Adwords advertisers can now negative filter publisher sites

AdWords advertisers now have the ability to add AdSense publisher websites to a new tool called “Campaign Negative Sites”. This means that advertisers who have one or two websites they wish not to have their ads appear on (whether they are competitor sites or just sites they deem as lower quality) can now easily add those URLs to the filter, and their ads will no longer show on those sites, while still be able to run unaffected on all other publisher sites.

And of course what’s a weekly recap without a bit of Goog scandal? 😆

Google Windows Web Accelerator

Pick your headline: Google steals content… Google declares war on publishers… Google violates copyright…. Google is evil…. None of the above… All of the above….

How To Block Google’s Web Accelerator – Update

Banning Google Web Accelerator – Text and Graphics

What do I think of this latest goog invention? I’ll just say this:

I think it’s more important than ever to focus on building relevant, *quality* content and independant sales, products as well as developing kick ass marketing skills that can survive with or without Goog’s madcap driving (yup – they’re in the driver’s seat as ofthismoment and nobody’s able to tap the brakes – *too late* – the monster has outgrown its master).


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