A Few Resources To Note

I don’t want to get back to studying (remember – database guru!), so I’m fiddling around with old notes and stuff again. Here are some sites you may be interested in:

Hosting Glossary
Don’t know what dedicated hosting or colocated hosting is? If you’re kinda lost about various hosting words and terms, you can check here.

Handwriting Tool
So you’ve written that great sales page or that latest hot selling ebook that you’d love to add a personal looking signature to, or just want some personalized note on your website. This handwriting tool is free to use and works like a charm.

Marketing Terms Dictionary

Marketing Terms Acronyms
Sometimes I just spew out acronyms without even thinking about it – you can translate my gibberish here if you don’t have a clue what I’m yacking about. đŸ˜†

Connected Thesaurus
Search for rhymes and relationships between words and concepts that might never have occurred to you before. Think about using this tool for coming up with new domain names, content tweaking, whatever.


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