Teach Yourself SQL

I picked up half the books I ordered online from the library today. The rest are still on backorder. I’m pretty scared, these books are *big*. πŸ˜†

One thing I’ve taken note of is that people have recommended again and again to start out with learning SQL first. So the first book I’ll start with is SAMS Teach Yourself SQL in 21 Days (no that’s not an aff link btw).

If I can make it through this book and actually learn something, you’ll know it’s a winner. πŸ˜† But seriously techie books are horrible and what was a good teaching tool for one person – isn’t necessarily a good fit for the next. That’s why I’m starting out with library books first. If I can find something good that can actually teach me, I’ll buy it so I can have it on hand for reference. To buy a techie book before reading it just hasn’t worked for me in the past and I’ve noted it as *not a good idea* for myself.

Now wish me luck. I’m officially on an ‘online building hiatus’ until I come out a big script and database guru! (Warning: I could be grouchy for awhile) πŸ˜†

PS: If you have any tips or recommendations to give as to what helped you learn, I’m all ears! Please feel free to comment about it.


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