Stop Setting Goals!

Michel Fortin (aka The Success Doctor) has plopped a freebie here for you to enjoy:

Stop Setting Goals! (Not For The Faint Of Heart!)

I wrote this book as a way to teach myself, in my life, and a way to go through some of the hardships I was going through. It’s about increasing your self-esteem, living a life of purpose and stop “managing your time” and focus on managing your life instead.

In fact, the book is entitled, “Drop Your Goals And Manage Your Life! (Rather Than Set Your Goals And Manage Your Time: A Plan For Giving Back The Quality Your Life Deserves).”

I used to sell it for $30. Well, being a tad nostalgic this week and ruminating and rummaging through my old stuff on my PC, I found an old copy, changed my contact info at the end, and converted it to Adobe PDF…

… And I’ve decided to give away free copies!

Michel gives permission to pass it around, so I’ve also uploaded it here if anyone wants a copy:

Drop Your Goals And Manage Your Life!

I also believe in karma, in that what goes around, comes around. So please, if you want to pass it along, reprint it, give it away, offer it as a download, email it to friends, distribute it… Go right ahead!

Thanks to The Entrepreneur’s Hotsheet for the heads up.


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