Blog Repeat Problem

Lately I’ve been making a conscious decision to check a list of about 150 blogs before I make a post (ok no I haven’t counted – but there are a lot!). If two or three are already pointing out a news flash or a blog post somewhere, I’m hands off. Why? Yesterday was a perfect example:

I noticed the story over at realtechnews. I checked my list of blogs and no one had posted about it, so I did. Later in the day I noticed another 3 or 4 blogs posting about it, and today I see 12. Now I know I don’t have time to read the *same* stuff over and over again on various blogs and I’m pretty sure you don’t either. It would be different if the blogs covered a wide area of subjects outside of marketing or seo, but that’s not the case. We’re all mixed in the same subject area, so the visitors are coming from the same pool.

Looks like my method of checking a bunch of blogs before I make a post is just not working. I’m still contributing to the ’24 blogs posting about the same stuff’ problem. And because I’m a smaller reach in terms of eyeballs, it just makes sense to me to pull back.

However, this blog is partly a method for me to document the news and events that are affecting affiliate marketing. It’s something I’m sharing, but this blog is also a great, searchable ‘document folder’ for me to keep the info at my fingertips. So I don’t want to *not post about something* because 50 other bloggers are as well. I think what I’ll do is keep a master list of ‘hands off blogs’, meaning I won’t be pointing out posts or topics on a number of the bigger, more popular blogs – but I’ll do a weekly recap of what caught my eye. That way I can still document the stuff happening, yet not contribute to the *same posts everywhere* problem. And hopefully by limiting those types of posts to once a week it will cut back on the ever growing ‘daily repeat’ problem. We’re all really much too busy with more important stuff right?

Just off the top of my head, blogs I won’t be covering here daily:


These are blogs that you’re probably reading already, so I’ll just recap weekly anything I want to note. Unless of course it’s something BIG, then I won’t be able to keep my mouth shut! đŸ˜†

We’ll see if this helps keep you from wasting time hopping from one updated blog to the next only to be reading the same crap over and over again. Just my way of saying: I know it’s a problem and I’m actively trying not to add to that.


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