Bedazzling Marketing

There are three tv shows that I watch faithfully, and one of them is The Apprentice. I shut down the computer and plop myself in front of the television each week to see what I can ‘pick’ from the show, what can I use? It’s amazing how the ‘real world’ tasks actually parallel online promotion and development.

This week reinforced for me again the importance of targeted marketing. And before you say: No way Sherlock, think about this – Bedazzling marketing is more than using the right keywords for SEO. It’s about defining who would want this and then presenting it to that group in a manner that will have them come running to you. It’s not about attracting traffic that’s walking by, it’s about reaching out and having traffic run to you.

The show tonight had the two teams each design a t-shirt (with the help of an artist), and the team that made the most moolah in sales won. Both t-shirts were pretty even in terms of design, both had the same quality of sales location and the same amount of time. But one team smoked the other with 2.5 x higher sales. What happened?

The team that won had the artist’s assistant email each person on his ‘fan list’, I think it was 3,000, to inform them that there would be a ‘limited edition’ t-shirt available featuring the artist’s work and the time and location where the t-shirts would be sold.

1st: The team directly approached those most likey interested in their product – fans of the artist
2nd: They didn’t sell a t-shirt – they sold the artist’s work
3rd: They sold the ‘limited edition’

The other team:

1st: Implemented an ‘add on’ – the use of rhinestones for an extra cost
2nd: they depended on street traffic
3rd: They just sold it as a t-shirt, not as an artist’s piece of work

Although the 2nd team was able to sell their t-shirts for more because of the add-on, they didn’t reach out to the most profitable or interested market. They depended on what was walking by at the time. *If* that team #2 had done a better market reach and not just depend on street traffic – using interruptive marketing btw by standing on the sidewalk and waiving people in, they would have annihilated the other team (who sold their product for less).

If Google and the other search engines imploded, and ppc wasn’t an option, what would you have for traffic? And what would be driving traffic to your new sites?

With SEO evolving into some complicated, weird beast (read Google’s new patent and note the emerging personal search features becoming mainstream), there’s going to come a time online when you market outside of SEO or you sink like a stone. And PPC prices will be unreal.

No matter how great your product or website is, no matter how great your service or prices may be, if there are no visitors – there are no sales. But if you market to your target – you could have 2.5 times the amount of $ sales $ as your competitor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ok that was an easy lesson learned. Now the hard part – how to do that! ๐Ÿ˜†


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