These Aint Your Grandma’s Bookmarks

Slowly but surely I am getting the SuperAff bookmarks better organized and have added a bunch more links. I’ve had to split the bookmark page into two:

This page lists mainly forums with subjects such as web dev, seo, affiliate/marketing, business, etc. Some of the forums aren’t very active, but the archives may have something you could chomp your teeth on and learn from or inspire a brain flash or two.

Bookmarks – Tools
This is the tools page that lists the various SEO, web dev, domain, templates, etc. The page isn’t near where it should be, but it’s a start.

I’m thinking now I should have just uploaded a directory script for this. :lol:. But personally I prefer having one basic html page, load em up with links and rip through them regularly to see/catch up with what’s up. No messin around with moving around in categories or favorites folders.

Lots more to come, so you’ll want to bookmark the ‘bookmark’ pages. đŸ˜‰


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