Writing Secure PHP

One of my goals for this year is to really knuckle down and tackle this script stuff. Sure I can mess with php and customize a *bit*, upload and install script based programs, but that’s where my knowledge ends.

I want to *write* the darn stuff! đŸ˜†

ForeverGeek points to a series over at ilovejackdaniels Writing Secure PHP – Part 1 plus Writing Secure PHP – Part 2 plus All Kinds Of Goodies:

PHP is a very easy language to learn, and many people without any sort of background in programming learn it as a way to add interactivity to their web sites. Unfortunately, that often means PHP programmers, especially those newer to web development, are unaware of the potential security risks their web applications can contain. Here are a few of the more common security problems and how to avoid them.

I haven’t read through everything yet, but I think it’s a nice resource for those of us who have our hands in the php cookie jar, but don’t really have full knowledge about how it all works and want to learn more.

Not only does this seem to be a jackpot for php info, the blog itself is kickin and has just been added to my feed reader.


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