Adwords Site Targeting On The Horizon

Google’s making some improvements for it’s advertisers wanting to work with the Adwords content network. Danny Sullivan has the scoop:

New Google AdWords Site Targeting Allows Advertisers To Pick & Choose

Beginning today, some Google advertisers will have access to a new tool allowing them to select particular sites. Over the coming weeks, the scope will be expanded until all advertisers have access to the new feature, Google says.

Most excellent! I would think this will encourage a few things to happen:

* More adwords advertisers will pay to use the content network (I know I will)
* The icky adsense cheese pages are gonna be creamed and will die off (no one will want to pay for their ads to be displayed on crap, at least not top dollar)
* Advertisers can snap their ads off a site if they feel publisher click fraud is happening

There are A LOT of good things to come from this. Advertisers are much more in control of where their dollar is spent.

Good move Google!


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