Look Who Spent A Day With Seth Godin

Todd over at stuntdubl.com writes about his day with Seth Godin:

Calling Cards, and Condos, and Cows… Oh My!

The Stuntdubl blog is a newer find for me and really – that blog has teeth. Todd if you’re reading this – I ordered Seth’s book The Big Red Fez since you recommended it here so strongly, just waiting for Amazon to ship it. Also pre-ordered the upcoming new release – All Marketers Are Liars (oh that’s scandalous! :lol:). I admit I’ve become quite smitten with Seth and his work, he has a new disciple on his hands. [note to Seth: be afraid :lol:]

Todd’s blog entry confirms what I’ve been speculating about lately, that SEO is fun and fine (and sweet when it goes your way) – but it’s not stable baby. Hits like the Florida update and GoogleBowling may take you out in a blink. Time to grease up the rusty brain cells and figure out some mad marketing methods.

Let’s watch and see if Todd oozes anything Seth Godin-like in the next little while that we can learn from.


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2 thoughts to “Look Who Spent A Day With Seth Godin”

  1. Glad you enjoyed the post. I’ve been a big fan of Seth’s work for quite some time, and it was a real treat to see him in action. Big Red Fez is a great reference guide that I defer to quite often. In fact, I bought 5 copies for the office here so EVERYONE could read it;) The concepts behind Seth’s work that he lives and breathes are what make them special. He is definitely one of his own best testimonials. GIVING away a book online several years ago was unheard of. Really some cool stuff…you can bet I’ll be on a “Seth kick” for quite a while…think the folks in the office are already gettin’ a bit tired of hearing about … “at the seminar…”

  2. Great! I’ll be watching your blog for that Seth Godin kick Todd, so inspire us and don’t hold back. 😉

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