Google PR Update – Finally!

Yes the day has finally arrived – the Google PR update. Look up at your Google Toolbar and see what I see for this page? A whopping PR of 4! πŸ˜† First new site ever to start out with a bang like this, I usually struggle with 1 and 2 for new sites. Told ya – I’m not a SEO pro :lol:.

The three directories I started in the past couple months have quite a mix, PR 4, PR 3 and PR 1. My pal’s directory nabbed a 3 (started the same time period) as mine).

The aff sites are mixes from 1 to 3 (I still can’t seem to jump the 3 for an aff site).

One new aff site (February) didn’t receive any PR, still sitting at 0. πŸ‘Ώ

Now I know we can’t get all excited about Page Rank because the numbers shown don’t seem to be a true representation, but it sure makes things A LOT easier when link building. Not many directories or sites out there that are willing to link to a PR 0 website – no matter how great a resource it is. And we all know how important IBLs are.

I’m pretty surprised that a few of my aff sites haven’t done better because I really worked at link building since the past update. Two sites even dropped a point. Oh well, at least all but one of my new websites have some PR showing. That will help get things going for them.

[Just noticed the ugly spelling error in my last post – really need to watch that don’t I? grrrr]

Hope the PR update brought you a pleasant surprise or two today!

ETA: Just noticed Spamhuntress nailed a 6 for her blog (new in Feb). Go spamhuntress! πŸ˜†


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3 thoughts to “Google PR Update – Finally!”

  1. Thanks. I was really surprised. I mean, I had two malicious spamruns (same spammer) lately. One 302 from a spammed site. And still went from 0 to 6.

    On the other hand, my old as dust directory site that’s so established nothing can trump it for its main keywords, actually went down from 6 to 5! But I just gained first page Google placement for a possibly competitive keyword, so I’m happy anyway.

    I checked PR when I heard it had been updated. But I’m not sure I trust the accuracy?

  2. I just nailed a 7 for one of my sites, and my blog went from 5 to 6, woo!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the news, having fun checking everything now..

  3. Ok so far Peter is the PR god sitting at a 7! Congrats to you!

    Spamhuntress the toolbar numbers don’t show a true reflection. Some gurus are even suggesting you may as well uninstall the toolbar because the PR shown is a lie, but heck I say – it’s all fun and it shows that your site isn’t banned or penalized in Google. PR still means something in terms of link building and it attracts advertisers. Both you and Peter achieved a 6 and a 7, I think that still reveals a quality stamp of approval. I can’t believe the higher numbers just get tossed around like candy, they must mean something.

    So I say the higher the better. πŸ˜‰

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