GoogleBowling New SEO Method?

Ok when will I learn to save my most amazing, brilliant brain flashes for my own blog! 😆

Current Thinkng on Linking for Google

hmmm we should play with Google now. Pick the whitehouse or something big and knock em out of the serps. We could call it Google Bowling. lol

But ego aside GoogleBowling is serious business and with all the monkeying around Google has done to their algo, GoogleBowling is the direction we seem to be heading in.

Threadwatch: GoogleBowling – The Nasty Business of Link Sabotage

Chris Garret: You have heard of GoogleBombs? Now here is GoogleBowling

So what is Google Bowling? Remember the good old days of SEO? You optimize your pages, work on inbound linking, and if the Google forces were with you – you could rise through the ranks. Those days seem to be over. What the dark forces are pointing to though, is an opportunity to knock out your competitors listed above you in the SERPs, rising your site by default.

That’s GoogleBowling. Optimizing pages to knock out your competitor. As Chris states on his blog:

This is so evil black hat black hat doesn’t describe it! Perhaps Octarine

Seems nasty times are looming. And yes Chris, I think Octarine fits the bill.

ETA: And just to be clear, I don’t condone this method of SEO. But if Google has indeed left this door open, people need to be aware and watch for it and buckle up for the nasty ride ahead.


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9 thoughts to “GoogleBowling New SEO Method?”

  1. I’ve been watching and tracking the term GoogleBowling. Here’s what I have so far:

    At Trendmapper:

    Trendmapper’s GoogleBowling Chart

    What is Trendmapper?

    Trendmapper is a tool to generate historical data from search engines.

    Trendmapper contains a list of search phrases and will do a daily search for all of them. The amount of hits are recorded, and a chart is made on basis of the data that is collected.

    It’s neat to watch the movement of the term. Also watching technorati:

    Technorati’s Results

    Only has 4 results so far (that surprised me).

    Also Google search:

    Google’s Results

    Provides 42 results in the SERPs so far, and lots of shuffling around in the rankings.

    Yahoo’s Results

    Provides a whopping 138 results. Wow!

    MSN’s Results

    With the largest amount of results at 274!

    So what’s the big deal about tracking all these results? It’s interesting to watch the timeline of the various engine listings, what pages are listed where and the difference in SERPs between all three engines. It’s a sort of ‘experiment’ I guess, an opportunity to watch a new term work it’s way into the rankings. The term GoogleBowling wasn’t in the SERPs on any engine just one month ago so it’s a great chance to watch and observe how the engines deal with it.

    Maybe reveal a secret or two. 😉

  2. Wouldn’t a simple solution for Google be to simply count links that they are suspecting to be “un fair” ie, site wide text links ads etc, and simply count them as “0” in their algo? In other words, instead of taxing a penalty, neutralize them as part of the ranking equation for that particular site.

    If they can asses +’s and -‘s for links, they certainly can also make links in question “neutralâ€?.

    This way, innocent sites don’t get deranked and sites that are trying to build artificial link popularity will just waste their money on buying links. Problem solved.

  3. They could be doing that now Michael. It makes sense and it’s logical and does prevent the ‘innocents’ from being sabotaged.

    *Let’s Hope*


  4. Yes the problem with google is that it penalises websites for offsite activity – but how can they judge if this offsite activity is done by the website owner – it could easily be done by a competitor using black hat seo techniques to associate that site with black hat seo – and therefore getting it penalised.

  5. ITA Paul, Google appears to be counting things offsite that could easily be monkeyed with by competitors.

  6. AHhhh ! Days of darkness for googles has arrived.That’s GoogleBowling. Optimizing pages to knock out competitor.

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