Entrepreneur and Hacker Arrested for Online Sabotage

Well here’s one way to eliminate the competition I guess:

The Case Of The Hired Hacker

Our “Entrepreneur” was still living at home with his parents when he launched two online sports apparel businesses specializing in “retroâ€? or “throwbackâ€? sports jerseys. These jerseys are a booming, multi-billion dollar industry, crowded with competitors, and in the early going he was selling only a couple shirts a day—at $200 to $300 a pop.

Then he allegedly came up with a plan to jumpstart sales. Did it involve expanding his inventory? Overhauling his web sites? Launching a marketing blitz? Nope. Our Entrepreneur took another tack entirely. He went out and hired a hacker.

I didn’t realize hacking came so cheap:

The agreed-upon payment for his services? A watch and several pairs of knock-off designer sneakers.

I think I’ll blame this on Google too. 😆 [joking]

Thanks to ABestWeb for finding the article


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