Blame Google South Park Style

Blaming Google – South Park Style

Blame Canada Lyrics

Blame Google!
Online Webmasters

Times have changed,
Google’s SERPs are getting worse
They won’t obey the inbounds,
They just want to fart and curse.
Should we blame the link spam, or blame the white hats, or should we blame the black hats…No!
Blame Google! Blame Google!

With all their cloaked little spies,
Their autolink so full of lies
Blame Google! Blame Google!

We need to form a full assault, it’s Google’s fault!
Don’t blame me, for my dropped site, it fed that damn googlebot, and now its just a network satellite!
And my site once, had a listing top shelf, but now when I find it, it tells me to screw myself
Well, Blame Google!

It seems that everything’s gone wrong since
Google came along
Blame Google!
Blame Google!

They’re not even “Do-No-Evil” anyway.
My site could of been a contender or authority, it’s true,
Instead it burned up like a piggie on a barbecue
Should we blame the matches?
Should we blame the fire, or the SEO who bowled for hire. Heck no!
Blame Google!
Blame Google!

With all their pagerank hubaloo and that bitch algo too.
Blame Google!
Shame on Google!

The spam we must stop
The trash we must smash
Laughter and fun must all be undone
We must blame them and cause a fuss
Before somebody thinks of blaming us!


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