Martha Stewart’s Poncho

What can you learn from Marth Stewart and a poncho?

Martha Stewart Poncho

MSNBC: Martha’s Poncho: An Amazing Yarn

You might call it the Martha Effect. In the 127 years since Ruben Blumenthal founded Lion Brand Yarn, the New York-based company has never quite experienced a frenzy like the one set off by Martha Stewart’s post-prison wardrobe selection. On March 3, the night the domestic diva was released, TV networks around the world broadcast images of her — over and over again — walking to a private jet in a hand-crocheted poncho. The garment set off an enormous wave of interest among knitting fans, says Ilana Rabinowitz, Lion Brand’s director of consumer marketing.

Lion Brand recognized that Martha tipped a hand knit poncho – so it made sure those hungry knitters found a pattern – on THEIR website:

Lion Brand Yarn

After receiving the largest number of requests ever for a single pattern, Lion Brand has created a new, free Homespun® pattern to match the poncho that Martha Stewart wore upon her return home. Click here for the free crochet pattern (en Español). Click here for the free knitting pattern (en Español).

I used to watch some guy over on eBay (years ago) who paid attention to the media, gossip and talk shows. He’d post auctions based on what the ‘chatter’ was about at the time. Sales? Who remembers. But he sure gained a following. 😉


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