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ZDnet Australia has an article about the Firefox/IE battle:

Is Firefox Incinerating IE?

The open source browser continues to make strong headway against the dominant player, taking about 5 percent of the browser market.

Looking at my stats, those numbers are pretty much in line with what I show. But it does vary with the ‘type’ of site.

Shopping/affiliate sites – a solid 5%, sometimes a little higher

This blog – a whopping 15% are Firefox users

So depending upon what your site’s subject or theme or type is, you could be looking at a much higher number than 5%. Makes you feel all warm and mushy inside just thinking about the nice ad blocking tweaks Firefox offers doesn’t it? đŸ˜†

Yes I’m still a diehard IE user :oops:. I just find it much easier to surf with. It’s faster and no funk when viewing certain websites. So this blurb was appealing to me:

The next version of IE — due within the next few months — is reportedly expected to include tabbed browsing (the most-lauded feature of Firefox among the ZDNet Australia editorial team), support for Internationalised Domain names, improved support for Cascading Style Sheets and Portable Network Graphics transparencies. It is also likely to include a built-in news aggregator based on Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

Although I do use an IE based tabbed browser already, and use FireFox as my feed reader, it would be nice if I could just trash it all and have everything in IE that I need. I’ll probably still hold on to Firefox though since it does have some neat extensions I may want to use once in awhile, I just won’t use it as much until it kicks up the speed.

All in all though I see two things that will be standard browser features to mold my sites around: ad blocking, and feed reading.


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