Content Unchecked – Thank You

So how many of these ‘traffic exchanges’ are in the wild do you think? And how many of them know *just the right keywords* to use on their pages to grab those high bids?

One more reason to *uncheck* content on your adwords – thank you. What I’ve done too is really *lower* my cost per click so that I’m either too low to be of interest to these guys (and let my competition pay the bill), or they’ll have to click like mad to get more than $5 from me. But I hardly ever do content.

See this thread at Digital Point Forums Check this TOS violation out…

Blurb from the Googleplex site:

If You Currently Have Pay Per Click Advertising On Your Website You Have Come To The Right Place. By Using Googlepex. com Your Advertising Will Really Pay Off! Add Your Website To Our Program For Free And Watch Your Adsense Or Other Advertising Programs Potential Increase Overnite!

Plus this post with another ‘traffic exchange’ Google knows “Click Fraud”

Here’s Swap Click’s frisky service:

Our members visit other members’ websites and see what they have to offer and then check out their competitor’s ads that are listed on their site to check out the member’s competition.

Gooooood Grief!

Remember that these types of sites multiply faster than rabbits. Google’s a smart bunch of people, but they’re being outclicked and outsmarted. On your dollar.

ETA: July 24th – The spam drivebys for this site have succeeded in closing the comments section down for this blog entry. It’s too bad – a good convo is always better than nonsense.


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2 thoughts to “Content Unchecked – Thank You”

  1. At googlepex, every user runs thier own PPC campains with whom ever they choose. They are incharge of thier own site and no INSTRUCTIONS are ever given on Keyword or, moreover, Money word. These use aren’t working our PPC accounts. We have just supplied platform for traffic and for these PPC participants to congregate. And your right about these site multipling. I have 3 of such sites and in 3 months I will own 8 and be selling network advertising! When I started in the internet your information was posted according to revelence and proper html. Google wants to turn net into a electrnoic billboard. And don’t even get me started on thier ability to monitor the nets traffic….. Its going to be dinosuar.
    The original author took text out of context and embellished.

  2. Jim can I ask what *value* googleplex and other ppc click exchange type sites bring to the ppc advertiser?

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