The Growing Ad Blocking Trend

What are your plans for the growing ad blocking trend? More and more surfers are installing popup blockers (heck I hate those popups too) and activating ad blocking options in Norton’s and other software. Then we have Firefox and the tweaks and addons to block ads (including RSS ads and Adsense btw):

The Ad Block Project

Adblock – Firefox Extension

Mozilla – Blocking Advertisement

Popups Die


We also have DMOZ’s list of advertisement content filtering resources to see how the resource pile is growing:

DMOZ Content Filtering: Advertising

Don’t forget to throw in all the cookie filters, blockers, wipers and one click deletion too.


ClickZ – Ad Blocking Revisited

FireFox- Consumer’s Friend- Marketer’s Foe?

We know ad blocking isn’t going away – it isn’t going to wither and die off and lose appeal. Ad blocking features and tools are growing in simplicity and effectiveness day by day, making it easier than ever for surfers to erase advertisements. Everyone loves the free resources and information the net provides, but so many want that both free AND ad-free.

What are your plans to keep your sites revenue alive? This elephant in the room is going nowhere, it’s staying put and growing fatter.


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