The Taz Disease

I’m not in the ‘building’ mode at all since I took my online break. I’m maintaining what I currently have up and still trying to build those, but as far as new things go – I’ve decided to put a hold on that.

Why? I seem to have developed the ‘Taz Disease’!

The Taz Disease

That’s where you spin round and round, going full speed in several directions at once. Yet not really accomplishing much in the process. So I’ve stopped cold! đŸ˜†

The main part of my standstill is that I’m questioning whether to continue with commission based sales and looking at other directions that would be smarter for me to move into. I’m not so sure I should continue to develop new sites revolved around affiliate product sales.

What I’m doing atm is taking time to review old notes, read old treasures, reacquaint myself with all those things I did eons ago. Why? Well for one thing, when you’re still new you don’t retain everything you’ve read and learned. At least I don’t. Either because I didn’t understand it, or didn’t recognize the importance of it at the time.

So you’ll see me recommending oldies but goodies to read. Because that’s what I’m up to atm – reading some old stuff. Some of it you may already have, some of it you may have already read, but hopefully you’ll still find a gem or two that you may have missed the first time.


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.