What’s Your USP?

Jay Abraham has a nice outline for the importance of a Unique Selling Point (USP) and how to define and create it:

How To Create A Unique Selling Proposition

If you prefer a .pdf file, you can grab it here:

Jay Abraham – Your Unique Selling Proposition

How do you get your business differentiated? By creating a Unique Selling Proposition – or USP.

A USP is that distinct and appealing idea that sets you and your business, or practice, favorably apart from every other generic competitor.

Questions to ask yourself:

Do I have a USP?
How can I apply this to my aff sites?
How can I apply this to my future websites?
How can I apply this to build myself a stronger web presence?
Is it clear to my visitors what my USP is?
Do I promote my USP?

You can have a different USP for every website, building on points such as:

Website A offers the biggest selection
Website B offers only the most luxurious products
Website C provides the most free resources available
Website D provides the most up-to-date information on the net

Another quote to think about:

Most business owners don’t have a USP, only a “me too,” rudderless, nondescript, unappealing business that feeds solely upon the sheer momentum of the marketplace. There’s nothing unique; there’s nothing distinct. They promise no great value, benefit, or service – just “buy from us” for no justifiable, rational reason.

It’s no surprise then that most businesses, lacking a USP, merely get by. Their failure rate is high, their owners are apathetic, and they get only a small share of the potential business. Why should they get much patronage if they fail to offer any appealing promise, unique feature or special service?

I can think of an aff site or two (of mine) that really aren’t anything special and fall into the They promise no great value, benefit, or service – just “buy from us” for no justifiable, rational reason category.

And you?


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