Book Of The Month

I’ve been reading a lot lately and just finished ‘The Tipping Point’ by Malcolm Gladwell:

The Tipping Point

From the back cover:

The Tipping Point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.

Just as a single sick person can start an epidemic of the flu, so too can a small but precisely targeted push cause a fashion trend, the popularity of a new product, or a drop in the crime rate. This widely acclaimed bestseller, in which Malcolm Gladwell explores and brilliantly illuminates the tipping point phenomenon is already changing the way people throughout the world think about selling products and disseminating ideas.

It’s a great read, especially after finishing Seth Godin’s ‘Unleashing The Ideavirus’ I recommended last month. Actually all the books I’ve read this past month have fit together nicely: Permission Marketing (Seth Godin), Purple Cow (Seth Godin), Unleashing The IdeaVirus (Seth Godin) and now The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell).

This sounds corny I know – but I think I’ve been forever changed! 😆 At least how I look at marketing and examining *why* something explodes (or ‘tips’) and the factors involved with a product tipping.

He takes a look at what he calls: Mavens, Connectors, Salesmen – types of people needed to make a product or idea ‘tip’. And I looked at my own life and found him dead-on when describing a few of my own friends and acquaintances.

Not only can this book be applied to marketing, but also to life/social epidemics. It takes a look at crime, smoking and addictions, suicide and the Columbine shootings plus more. It’s not dark though (IMO), it’s fascinating and definitely I-can’t-put-this-book-down kinda read.

More information over at Malcolm’s site here:

I’ve ordered a bunch of books for next month’s reading that are focused more on copywriting and advertising. I’ll let you know which ones hit the charts.


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