The Boron Letters – Gary Halbert

Yesterday I shared with you the free ad swipe file resource I found (Hit The Swipe File Jackpot) and today I’ll share with you something I’m doing with all those old ads.

I trotted over to Gary Halbert’s Newsletter Archive and printed off all chapters of The Boron Letters. Have you read the letters yet? Here’s how Gary describes them in his newsletter:

During my forced vacation at “Club Fed” (Boron Federal Prison Camp) I wrote what is very likely the most important book anyone in America will ever read. It is also probably the most… valuable… book anyone will ever read. It was written under very difficult circumstances and it will give anyone who reads it an instant money-making education… the likes of which… is rather astonishing.

And, it is very personal. It was written specifically for my youngest son, Bond. It is perhaps, the most precious gift I have ever given him… and… the most precious gift… anyone else could possess.

Now normally I’m a hands off kinda girl when it comes to: Prison, Prisoners, Jail Time. ๐Ÿ˜† But Gary Halbert is a big name in direct marketing/copywriting circles (you’ll find samples of his ads over at HardToFindAds), and for good reason – he’s got the stuff. He’s another person I’m grateful towards for taking the time to teach me a thing or two. No not personally teach me, I just read his newsletters like everyone else. But he’s one of those internet gems (better than a guru btw) that cuts out the mumbo jumbo and provides real, solid info you can work with.

Gary talks in terms of Mail Order (MO) and Direct Mail (DM). What’s that have to do with online marketing? With trying to explode affiliate sales? Simple. Take what you read (and learn) from what he’s saying and teaching then apply that to webpage development and copywriting.

When you read The Boron Letters, you’ll know exactly what I’m up to with all those old advertisements. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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