Mainstream Media Meltdown

The Long Tail – Mainstream Media Meltdown

Flat to Down to Way Down:

Music: sales last year were down 21% from their peak in 1999
Television: network TV’s audience share has fallen by a third since 1985
Radio: listenership is at a 27-year low
Newspapers: circulation peaked in 1987, and the decline is accelerating
Magazines: total circulation peaked in 2000 and is now back to 1994 levels (but a few premier titles are bucking the trend!)
Books: sales growth is lagging the economy as whole


Movies: 2004 was another record year, both for theaters and DVDs
Videogames: even in the last year of this generation of consoles, sales hit a new record
Web: online ads will grow 30% this year, breaking $10 billion (5.4% of all advertising)

Thinking of my habits/activities, I know I hardly watch television anymore (well I have a couple addictions lol), magazine subscriptions dropped down to one or two, radio is only on when I’m at work or driving. I read CNN,,, – but hardly the newspapers.

But I’m way up, waaaay up on my online time. And I’m just an average person. Since internet use is growing by leaps and bounds, website development *is* the place to be right now. But it’s a tough nut to crack getting your new websites launched and with a good flow of steady visitors.

Even though it’s currently hard achieving high traffic levels, I think we are in a much better position than someone who’s going to start fresh a year from now. The web is becoming more crowded every day and with more people spending time online – more and more are turning to web development themselves. Plus throw in all the link spam pages constantly being uploaded and we’re looking at serious ‘they can’t find me’ problems.

I think it’s clear the writing is on the wall. There can only be x number of top spots in Google. So how does one get their website found? That’s the big trick to figure out, and the sooner the better.



I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.