Free Website Conversion Tips

I’ve been talking about slicing and dicing my newsletter subscriptions and what do I do? I sign up for another one! đŸ˜³

But wait! This one really does look worthwhile:

Conversion Chronicles

Welcome to the Conversion Chronicles, a website dedicated to helping you to improve website conversion rates throughout the pages of your site through education, articles and resources. By improving internet conversion rates consistently you increase internet sales and improve lead generation which in turn drastically effects your bottom line.

In my confirmation email, they sent me an ebook that I’ve uploaded for you here:

Free Website Conversion Tips And Web Measurement Explained

(They do give permission to give away the book, sell it or pass it on)

A few topics covered:

Make text scan proof
Maximize the potential of your graphics
Develop Distinct Web Copy And Web Content
Make use of Urgency
Differentiate yourself from your competition
Relevancy Towards Your Visitors
Which brings me onto measurement

The ebook is a good read and I’m looking forward to seeing how their newsletter is.


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