Report on the Google Adsense Bay Area Forum

I just found this thread over at discussing this article:

Adsense Users Forum, March 16, 2005

The article is a nice read with a few comments to note:

“If you make more money, we make more money”. The initial speaker, a Google employee, really impressed me with the clarity of their vision and intent. Their plan is to create a virtuous circle, where they serve the needs of the web-reading public (the “users”), the needs of the advertisers, and the needs of the publishers. Every step they make must fit the needs of all three, because together those three form the Web’s ecosystem.

Discussing Dr. Cheng Wu’s contribution:

He had tried several placement and coloration strategies. None of them made a difference, until this one simple change.

What was the change? To make sure the colors did not have “frames” in the ad units, and to as much as possible blend the ad units with the content.

Discussing Chris Prillo from Lockergnome:

He is completely enthusiastic about Adsense, and threw out this question: How do you monetize free content? He sees his time as money, and while he loves to talk and give advice he also wants to be paid for his time in doing so.

He claims that Affiliate Marketing is “dead”, and especially the way it devalues the web site it is installed on.

He also tries to make the adsense ad units invisible, blending it in with the content. He uses a large rectangle inline with the content, coloring it to blend with the background, and no borders or frames.

Both the thread and the article have some nice information and I found them to be a worthwhile read.


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