I’ve Made A Few Changes

This past week I took some days off online to sort out some real world stuff and also to take some time thinking about which direction I want to go online, and that included this blog.

I’ve decided to take down a few links and categories (you’ll notice there are no more aff links in the sidebar other than maybe a blog directory/feed) and the Clickin’ It Rich workgroup category has been removed. I was really eager to work on that project but two things happened: there wasn’t a lot of interest shown in it and I was also sidetracked with a few other projects. So maybe another time? We’ll see.

I did decide to leave the ebook store link up if anyone still wants to support the blog that way, other than that I’ve decided to remove all traces of monetization (other than what may have been posted and noted in a blog entry).



This blog really is a great outlet for me and it seems to have connected with several of you. Affiliate Marketing Gab is starting to get picked up now in a few places and I decided I want to go in a solid direction of providing links to free resources, the latest chatter in affiliate marketing and seo circles, online income discussion, etc., and I felt the affiliate links really didn’t fit well here.

So I dumped them.


I have some ideas for the blog, but for right now this will do just fine. Slowly but surely SuperAff.com is finding its way.


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.