Adsense Sabotage Concerns

You’ve built your online empire around the adsense craze. Link networks set up, content pages cranked out, SERPs treating you well and you’re getting traffic (and lotsa moolah from adsense clicks).

What happens when a competitor decides to wipe you out and bot bombs your displayed adsense ads?


Something to think about and prepare for isn’t it? And it is something that’s been playing on my mind lately, and one reason why I haven’t dove head first into the adsense earning craze. How does one *protect* himself/herself from psycho competitors?

From what I understand, Google has a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy. If they think you’re generating fraudulent clicks – you’re toast. Forever. And if you’ve been online long enough, you’ve come across those that will knock you out for a nickel or knock you out just-because-they-can.

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Some rules of thumb are:

1. Inform Google right away if you notice a click problem
2. Save your log files to present to Google when a problem arises
3. Watch your adsense stats like a hawk and track your clicks
4. Remove adsense from your pages as soon as you notice fraudulent clicking behavior and report to Google


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