Heads Up – Phenom Click Fraud Article

I hadn’t planned on being back online full swing til Monday or so, but after only a couple hours sleep tonight I was woken by someone’s car alarm screeeeeching away. So what’s a girl to do at 4:30 a.m. and wide awake? Catch up on all the blog posts she missed the past week! 😉 I don’t seem to have missed all that much. But here’s the Pay Per Click fraud article promised over at AGoToGuy’s blog:

Pay Per Click Advertising Fraud – The Inside Story

Let me state, that I will be disclosing some common business practices in the pay per click business model. Some of these comments will make a lot of advertisers extremely unhappy. It may draw backlash from some of the engines also. Frankly, I don’t really care. My only concern is that someone from inside the industry finally addresses the issue of click fraud head on without skirting the truth. I am sure I will lose few friends in the industry over this article. I will be confirming some of the pay per click advertiser’s biggest concerns and telling you the real story about the PPC business model from behind the scenes. This is my insider information. It’s what I know from working within the search engine market and talking to employees of other engines. Out of respect for those people I will not name names and I will not point fingers. This is an industry wide issue and that is how I am approaching it.

This is one of those *must reads*.

I don’t expect I’ll be back full swing for a couple more days, but wanted to shout out a big ‘hey thanks’ to all those blog spammers that took the time to send a few spammy posts my way while I was offline. Classy. 🙄


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